500 City Ambassadors

Dear Guitar Members,

We are informed about a wonderful opportunity by Guitarmonk. Guitarmonk is today India’s largest chain of Guitar schools, which has successfully established its centers from North to South as Delhi-NCR, Dehradun, Panchkula, Chandigarh to Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. It is expanding to 500 cities of India.

CREATING SUSTAINED INCOME FOR TEACHERS If you are selected, you can make up to Rs. 2 Lakhs yearly as additional part-time income by only giving like 1 day per week.

STABILITY This opportunity allows having a stable/regular income for guitarist/teacher through guitarmonk for years to come. It’s a wonderful income that can help guitarists earn, learn and grow with time and plan his future career of next 10 years. You can visualize financial growth with guitarmonk by earning up to 20 Lakhs in next 10 years. You can do it even if you are doing a job/business/running your own institute.

COMMITMENT / TRAINING / KNOWLEDGE / CERTIFICATION FOR TEACHER – It is vital that a teacher must be committed, trained to adapt and manage this responsibility.


If you are a fresher you can take this responsibility via Music Entrepreneurship Program (M.E.P.) CLICK HERE>>

If you are an existing teacher, you can go for exam to ascertain projects? APPLY FOR EXAMS >>