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Indian Guitarists Union (IGU) is a community founded as a helping platform for guitarists across India for economic and social betterment. By connecting them to academic and professional activities as well as events and concepts that will help promote, preserve and elevate the rich Indian Guitar Culture as well as nurture the local talents and artistry in the Guitar Music scene.


Guitar professions, considered as nonchalant in India. Most people think it is more of Indian Guitarists Union - Kapil Srivastava-Top- Best-Communitya hobby rather than professional display of craft. It is also important to note that tens of thousands of guitarists in the country mostly earn their bread and butter through it. And their number has been growing exponentially every year.

“Guitar seems to be the best / easiest tool to earn income for any passionate music player at his / her budding or academic age. When there are limited options or professions that allow him/her to earn well then the guitar becomes the redeeming tool towards survival by venturing into teaching or even joining a Band. So it just becomes a cycle, or worse when guitarists find themselves stuck in a desperate or frustrating employment conditions.

The chagrin and deplorable state of local guitarists must change. Music industry has evolved a lot and the sad plight of the local artists must be improved too.

As a guitarist / artist myself, it breaks my heart to see them suffer in silence. The Internet Revolution since 2005 has changed the music perspective. Records alone no longer provide a steady income to guitarists. Bollywood is lamentably caring less and appreciating less the significant works of instrumentalists. And this the main reason why we asserted the establishment of the Indian Guitarists’ Union (IGU) body / association……… 

Kapil Srivastava (Founder, Guitarmonk)


  • Furthermore honoring Senior Guitarists (valid for all other instrumentalist aged 55 onward).
  • Also exclusive membership for both Indian & Non-Indian Guitarists.
  • Guitar-Fests (dedicated to Indian GENERIC Heritage of last 50 Years)
  • Furthermore networking Teaching Jobs and other scopes available at respective cities.
  • Also Releasing and Promoting their Artistic Works
  • Benefits and privileges from associated brands
  • Free Medical Services as well.
  • Academic Accreditation / Certifications.
  • Global Guitar Perspective, Education & Awareness (Bulletin)
  • Caravan Tour & Meetings for Guitarists.
  • International Guitarists Meet-up.


You may also Send your complete details as Resume, Video-Links/Clips (if any) @